Scaramouche the Fool - The Hurricane Jumpers.

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Scaramouche's Book : The Hurricane Jumpers

The Hurricane Jumpers

Yes, Scaramouche has self-published a book about the storm at Apia, Samoa, his great-grandfather, the Germans and Americans present and so on. It details the people who were there, including some of the crews of the American warships: US Ships Vandalia, Trenton and Nipsic, and the German SM Schiffs Adler, Olga and Eber. It also gives a few details about people living in Apia, Samoa at the time. Naturally, it goes into far more detail than does this website.

View a preview containing some extracts: CreateSpace Preview.

The title "The Hurricane Jumpers" is the nickname given the ship (actually, the "Hurricane Jumper") on her successful escape from the storm. I thought it should equally apply to the people who were also involved.

Purchasing Links

It can be purchased (if you so wish!) from the following outlets (click the link for details and prices):

Create Space United States Paperback only.
Amazon.com United States Paperback and Kindle e-Book.
Amazon.co.uk United Kingdom Paperback and Kindle e-Book. Two reviews posted.
Bookfinder.com Europe & World Paperback only.

If you do buy a copy (and many thanks!), and if you enjoyed reading it, please leave a review at the site from which you purchased it. I realise this means that if you didn't like it, you can leave a bad review; but as I am asking people to spend their hard-earned cash on it, I must be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. Hopefully, there won't be too much rough!


Hopefully I will get so inundated, that I will give up maintaining this list. (I am a dreamer.) At the moment, though, here we go (the dates are as reported by CreateSpace Member Dashboard and the Kindle project page):

16 May, 2016 Two US Sales, paperbacks, Create Space. This was my two UK friends, Hazel and Nick, I am sure.
29 May, 2016 One Europe Sale, paperback, Amazon. My first "real" reader! You can have no idea how good that first real sale felt! Actually, at present, every new sale gives me a super feeling when I first see it on my Amazon Sales Report!
30 May, 2016 One GB Sale, Kindle. Probably my cousin Chris.
1 June, 2016 One GB Sale, Kindle. Probably my friend Gary.
25 June, 2016 Two US Sales, paperbacks, Expanded Distribution. Two "real" readers in the States, which is very satisfying.
13 July, 2016 First GB Amazon Paperback sale, my friend Ian.
28 July, 2016 One GB Amazon Sale, paperback.
28 July, 2016 One US Sale, paperback, Expanded Distribution.
5 August, 2016 One GB Amazon Sale, paperback.
12 August, 2016 One GB Sale, Kindle.
29 August, 2016 One US Sale, paperback, Expanded Distribution.

Running score of sales as at 29th August, 2016: ten paperbacks (3 to friends) and three Kindle e-books (2 to friends). Not exactly setting the literary world alight as yet, but it is early days! It does seem that sales of self-published books are always slow, simply because it is so difficult for potential readers to find them in amongst the thousands of others. I am surprised at the interest shown in the States. I have also bought 18 copies myself for friends and family and legal deposit requirements, which do not appear in the table above.