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HMS Calliope Wrecked Ship, SMS Adler


In Apia Harbour, Upolu, Samoa, March 1889, were congregated the warships of 3 great nations: the United States, Germany and Great Britain. As they prepared for human conflict, they were assaulted by nature, when a terrible hurricane battered the little port with the fiercest storm ever known in the islands - either before or since.

The American vessels Trenton and Vandalia, and the German vessels Adler and Eber, were destroyed, whilst the U.S.S. Nipsic and SMS Olga were forced to beach severely damaged. The many merchant ships in the harbour were lost.

Only the British man-of-war H.M.S. Calliope, commanded by Captain Henry Kane, Royal Navy, managed to escape the death trap that Apia had become. Click on the image of the ships to find out more.

William Isaac Thorndale


My great-grandfather was a sailor on HMS Calliope.
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Scaramouche The Fool


The Origin of my Web Name is hidden deep in the mists of history.
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Around Potton, a number of plane crashes occurred.
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Potton Town Square St Mary's Church


Scaramouche has lived in the lovely village of Potton, Bedfordshire since 1986. Click on the link to see the Potton History Society web-site on the town, which has many details of the town in its heyday.

Click the photo of the town square to go to the town council web site and view current (2016) images from all round the town.

Click this link for data about the church's activities: St. Mary's Church and on the image of the church for some amazing panoramic views of the inside and outside of the building. We recently (July 2016) had a visit from the "lead thieves", causing damage to the fabric of the church as well as the roof. Click this link: St Mary's Church Roof to see the photos and a "Just Giving" link if you would like to help in the repairs. The smallest donation, or any idea for fundraising, would be most gratefully received.

Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy's Dahlia


This web-site is dedicated to the memory of my most precious and beautiful lady, and to her son, Stephen Burrows.

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My family name is HAGUE. Click on the name to get some historical information about it.

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